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Obama Administration Issues Executive Order on Iran Sanctions.

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On February 6, President Obama signed an Executive Order that takes a number of actions relating to the Administration's Iran sanctions program, including measures to implement section 1245 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Among other measures, the order freezes all property of the Central Bank of Iran and all other Iranian financial institutions, as well as all property of the Government of Iran, further tightening the stringent U.S. sanctions on Iran.

 According to a fact sheet from the Department of Treasury: "Iran now faces an unprecedented level of pressure due to intensified sanctions applied by the United States and complementary actions by many others around the world. The new Executive Order issued today reemphasizes this Administration's message to the Government of Iran - it will face ever-increasing economic and diplomatic pressure until it addresses the international community's well-founded and well-documented concerns regarding the nature of its nuclear program." 

For details, please contact Christopher Wenk, Senior Director for International Policy (

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