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Commerce General Counsel Kerry Briefs on EU Data Protection Directive

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The Chamber's new EU Data Protection Task Force met for the first time this week to consider industry responses to the new EU Data Protection Directive. The initial meeting featured a discussion with Department of Commerce General Counsel Cameron Kerry, who indicated the department will be fully engaged with the EU as well as in other multi-lateral forums to help create a system of data protection and data privacy rules that enhance international interoperability of cross-border data flows. 

Chamber members agreed it will also be important to present a united voice from the business community as businesses of all sizes, from the biggest multinationals to small exporters, can facilitate the cross-border flow of data to grow their business and create jobs. 

The Chamber task force aims to ensure a system of continuous stakeholder input and U.S-EU cooperation to craft a balanced and efficient data protection and data privacy regime that continues to provide the benefits to business. 

For details, please contact Adam Schlosser, Senior Manager for Global Regulatory Cooperation (

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